The dangerous beauty of the Himalayas

  • In the distance, Imja Tsho glacial lake can be seen surrounded by mountains which include, on the left Mja Tse (Island Peak), Num Ri and Baruntse.

  • Small glacial ponds are forming on the moraine dam of Imja Tsho glacial lake. Over time, these ponds will increase in size and could become part of the lake.

  • A small lake has formed close to the natural dam of Imja Tsho glacial lake.

  • Looking down the valley where the Spong Togpo river flows. In the event of Spong Togpo glacial lake breaking its moraine dam, the flood water would flow down this river.

  • Several water channels come down from the Spong Togpo glacial lake and glaciers, which make the Spong Togpo river.

  • Looking down the valley where water from the Spong Togpa glacial lake flows

  • The village of Chukhung, which is the closest settlement to Imja Tsho.

  • Tsho Rolpa Lake, in the distance Mountain Range and the Trakarding Glacier which feeds water to the lake.