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Photographs of Peking, now known as Beijing, made by Thomas Child in the 1870s and 1880s.

In 1870, 29-year-old Thomas Child packed his camera and traveled to Peking (now known as Beijing) for a five-year contract as a gas engineer. Before 1861, the city was almost entirely closed to foreigners, and by the time Child arrived, there were still only around 100 foreigners living there. The city was rarely photographed.

Pakistan - 400 Year Old Ganish Valley An Ancient Village

400 Year Old Ganish Valley An Ancient Village, Ganish Village or Ganish Valley both are the same name of beautiful place locate in Pakistan.

Aerial Photography of Lahore Pakistan

Some Beautiful Stunning Aerial Pictures that will surely make you fall in love with Lahore.

Pictures of Some Historical Places and Heritage Sites in Pakistan

Pakistan is a country which is absolutely a gem for the tourists. The main reason is that it has got flavor for all types of tourists and beautiful locations, mountains, landscapes, large cities and the historic places can be witnessed here.

Some amazing mountain passes in Pakistan that you’d probably never heard of

Northern and western sides of Pakistan are covered by huge mountains belonging to the humaliyan ,Hindokush and Sulaiman ranges.They have many mountain passes.